File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
burnparams.h [code]
burntool.h [code]
ppArith/src/ [code]
ppConfigDump/src/ [code]
ppImage/src/ [code]
ppMerge/src/ [code]
ppStack/src/ [code]
ppSub/src/ [code]
psLib/src/ [code]
psastro/src/ [code]
psphot/src/ [code]
pswarp/src/ [code]
psModules/src/ [code]
demo_psftool.c [code]
gpcModel.c [code]
ippdb.c [code]
ippdb.h [code]
ippDiffMode.h [code]
ippStages.c [code]
ippStages.h [code]
ippdb/src/ [code]
Nebulous/nebclient/src/ [code]
ppArith/src/ [code]
ppConfigDump/src/ [code]
ppImage/src/ [code]
ppMerge/src/ [code]
ppStack/src/ [code]
ppSub/src/ [code]
psLib/src/astro/ [code]
psLib/src/db/ [code]
psLib/src/fft/ [code]
psLib/src/fits/ [code]
psLib/src/imageops/ [code]
psLib/src/jpeg/ [code]
psLib/src/ [code]
psLib/src/math/ [code]
psLib/src/mathtypes/ [code]
psLib/src/sys/ [code]
psLib/src/types/ [code]
psastro/src/ [code]
psphot/src/ [code]
pswarp/src/ [code]
psModules/src/astrom/ [code]
psModules/src/camera/ [code]
psModules/src/concepts/ [code]
psModules/src/config/ [code]
psModules/src/detrend/ [code]
psModules/src/extras/ [code]
psModules/src/imcombine/ [code]
psModules/src/ [code]
psModules/src/objects/ [code]
md5.c [code]
md5.h [code]
nebclient.c [code]
nebclient.h [code]
nebulous.h [code]
astro/parse_gcov-out.c [code]
types/parse_gcov-out.c [code]
pmAstrometryDistortion.c [code]This file defines the basic types for measuring the focal-plane distortion
pmAstrometryDistortion.h [code]
pmAstrometryModel.c [code]Functions to read and write astrometric model
pmAstrometryModel.h [code]
pmAstrometryObjects.c [code]This file defines the basic types for matching objects based on their astrometry
pmAstrometryObjects.h [code]
pmAstrometryRefstars.c [code]
pmAstrometryRefstars.h [code]
pmAstrometryRegions.c [code]Functions to define astrometry regions on FPA images
pmAstrometryRegions.h [code]
pmAstrometryUtils.c [code]Utility functions for transform and distort functions
pmAstrometryUtils.h [code]
pmAstrometryVisual.c [code]
pmAstrometryVisual.h [code]
pmAstrometryWCS.c [code]Functions to convert FITS WCS keywords to / from pmFPA structures
pmAstrometryWCS.h [code]
pmBias.c [code]
pmBias.h [code]
pmCellSquish.c [code]
pmCellSquish.h [code]
pmCensor.c [code]
pmCensor.h [code]
pmConcepts.c [code]
pmConcepts.h [code]
pmConceptsAverage.c [code]
pmConceptsAverage.h [code]
pmConceptsCopy.c [code]
pmConceptsCopy.h [code]
pmConceptsPhotcode.c [code]
pmConceptsPhotcode.h [code]
pmConceptsRead.c [code]
pmConceptsRead.h [code]
pmConceptsStandard.c [code]
pmConceptsStandard.h [code]
pmConceptsUpdate.c [code]
pmConceptsUpdate.h [code]
pmConceptsWrite.c [code]
pmConceptsWrite.h [code]
pmConfig.c [code]
pmConfig.h [code]
pmConfigCamera.c [code]
pmConfigCamera.h [code]
pmConfigCommand.c [code]
pmConfigCommand.h [code]
pmConfigDump.c [code]
pmConfigDump.h [code]
pmConfigMask.c [code]
pmConfigMask.h [code]
pmConfigRecipes.c [code]
pmConfigRecipes.h [code]
pmConfigRecipeValue.c [code]
pmConfigRecipeValue.h [code]
pmConfigRun.c [code]
pmConfigRun.h [code]
pmDark.c [code]
pmDark.h [code]
pmDetections.c [code]
pmDetections.h [code]
pmDetEff.c [code]
pmDetEff.h [code]
pmDetrendDB.c [code]
pmDetrendDB.h [code]
pmDetrendThreads.c [code]
pmDetrendThreads.h [code] [code] [code]
pmFlatField.c [code]
pmFlatField.h [code]
pmFlatNormalize.c [code]
pmFlatNormalize.h [code]
pmFootprint.c [code]
pmFootprint.h [code]
pmFootprintArrayGrow.c [code]
pmFootprintArraysMerge.c [code]
pmFootprintAssignPeaks.c [code]
pmFootprintCullPeaks.c [code]
pmFootprintFind.c [code]
pmFootprintFindAtPoint.c [code]
pmFootprintIDs.c [code]
pmFootprintSpans.c [code]
pmFootprintSpans.h [code]
pmFPA.c [code]
pmFPA.h [code]
pmFPA_JPEG.c [code]This file contains functions to write JPEG images
pmFPA_JPEG.h [code]
pmFPA_MANAPLOT.c [code]This file contains functions to write MANAPLOT images
pmFPA_MANAPLOT.h [code]
pmFPAAstrometry.c [code]
pmFPAAstrometry.h [code]
pmFPABin.c [code]
pmFPABin.h [code]
pmFPACalibration.c [code]
pmFPACalibration.h [code]
pmFPAConstruct.c [code]
pmFPAConstruct.h [code]
pmFPACopy.c [code]
pmFPACopy.h [code]
pmFPAExpNumIO.c [code]
pmFPAExpNumIO.h [code]
pmFPAExtent.c [code]
pmFPAExtent.h [code]
pmFPAfile.c [code]
pmFPAfile.h [code]
pmFPAfileDefine.c [code]
pmFPAfileDefine.h [code]
pmFPAfileFitsIO.c [code]
pmFPAfileFitsIO.h [code]
pmFPAfileFringeIO.c [code]
pmFPAfileFringeIO.h [code]
pmFPAfileIO.c [code]
pmFPAfileIO.h [code]
pmFPAFlags.c [code]
pmFPAFlags.h [code]
pmFPAHeader.c [code]
pmFPAHeader.h [code]
pmFPALevel.c [code]
pmFPALevel.h [code]
pmFPAMaskWeight.c [code]
pmFPAMaskWeight.h [code]
pmFPAMosaic.c [code]
pmFPAMosaic.h [code]
pmFPARead.c [code]
pmFPARead.h [code]
pmFPAUtils.c [code]
pmFPAUtils.h [code]
pmFPAview.c [code]
pmFPAview.h [code]
pmFPAWrite.c [code]
pmFPAWrite.h [code]
pmFringeStats.c [code]
pmFringeStats.h [code]
pmGainTweak.c [code]
pmGrowthCurve.c [code]Measure the curve-of-growth for sources
pmGrowthCurve.h [code]
pmGrowthCurveGenerate.c [code]Generate the curve-of-growth
pmGrowthCurveGenerate.h [code]
pmHDU.c [code]
pmHDU.h [code]
pmHDUGenerate.c [code]
pmHDUGenerate.h [code]
pmHDUUtils.c [code]
pmHDUUtils.h [code]
pmImageCombine.c [code]This file will perform image combination of several images of the same field, produce a list of questionable pixels, then tag some of those pixels as cosmic rays
pmImageCombine.h [code]
pmKapaPlots.c [code]
pmKapaPlots.h [code]
pmKHcorrect.c [code]Functions to read (and write?) Koppenhoefer correction file
pmKHcorrect.h [code]Functions to read (and write?) Koppenhoefer correction file
pmMaskBadPixels.c [code]
pmMaskBadPixels.h [code]
pmMaskStats.c [code]
pmMaskStats.h [code]
pmModel.c [code]Functions to define and manipulate object models
pmModel.h [code]
pmModel_CentralPixel.c [code]
pmModel_CentralPixel.h [code]
pmModel_DEV.c [code]
pmModel_DEV.h [code]
pmModel_EXP.c [code]
pmModel_EXP.h [code]
pmModel_GAUSS.c [code]
pmModel_GAUSS.h [code]
pmModel_PGAUSS.c [code]
pmModel_PGAUSS.h [code]
pmModel_PS1_V1.c [code]
pmModel_PS1_V1.h [code]
pmModel_QGAUSS.c [code]
pmModel_QGAUSS.h [code]
pmModel_RGAUSS.c [code]
pmModel_RGAUSS.h [code]
pmModel_SERSIC.c [code]
pmModel_SERSIC.CP.h [code]
pmModel_SERSIC.h [code]
pmModel_STRAIL.c [code]
pmModel_TEST1.c [code]
pmModel_TRAIL.c [code]
pmModel_TRAIL.h [code]
pmModelClass.c [code]Functions to define and manipulate object model attributes
pmModelClass.h [code]
pmModelFuncs.h [code]
pmModelUtils.c [code]Functions to manipulate object models
pmModelUtils.h [code]
pmMoments.c [code]Functions defining the pmMoments structure
pmMoments.h [code]
pmNonLinear.c [code]
pmNonLinear.h [code]
pmOverscan.c [code]
pmOverscan.h [code]
pmPattern.c [code]
pmPattern.h [code]
pmPatternIO.c [code]
pmPatternIO.h [code]
pmPCM_MinimizeChisq.c [code]
pmPCMdata.c [code]
pmPCMdata.h [code]
pmPeaks.c [code]This file defines functions to detect and manipulate peaks in images
pmPeaks.h [code]
pmPetrosian.c [code]
pmPetrosian.h [code]
pmPhotObj.c [code]
pmPhotObj.h [code]
pmPSF.c [code]This file contains typedefs for the Point-Spread Function and prototypes for functions that calculate the PSF
pmPSF.h [code]
pmPSF_IO.c [code]This file contains functions to read and write PSF models using the psMetadata Config file format
pmPSF_IO.h [code]
pmPSFEnvelope.c [code]
pmPSFEnvelope.h [code]
pmPSFtoMetadata.c [code]
pmPSFtry.c [code]XXX: need description of file purpose
pmPSFtry.h [code]
pmPSFtryFitEXT.c [code]
pmPSFtryFitPSF.c [code]Fit the PSF model to the candidate PSF stars (part of PSF model generation)
pmPSFtryMakePSF.c [code]
pmPSFtryMetric.c [code]
pmPSFtryModel.c [code]
pmReadoutCombine.c [code]
pmReadoutCombine.h [code]
pmReadoutFake.c [code]
pmReadoutFake.h [code]
pmReadoutStack.c [code]
pmReadoutStack.h [code]
pmRemnance.c [code]
pmRemnance.h [code]
pmResiduals.c [code]Functions to manipulate the residual tables (data - model)
pmResiduals.h [code]Functions to manipulate the residual tables (data - model)
pmShifts.c [code]
pmShifts.h [code]
pmShutterCorrection.c [code]
pmShutterCorrection.h [code]
pmSkySubtract.c [code]
pmSkySubtract.h [code]
pmSource.c [code]Functions to define and manipulate sources on images
pmSource.h [code]
pmSourceContour.c [code]Functions to measure the local sky and sky variance for sources on images
pmSourceContour.h [code]
pmSourceDiffStats.c [code]Functions defining the pmSourceDiffStats structure and associated measurements
pmSourceDiffStats.h [code]
pmSourceExtendedPars.c [code]Functions to define and manipulate sources on images
pmSourceExtendedPars.h [code]
pmSourceFitModel.c [code]Fit single source models to image pixels
pmSourceFitModel.h [code]
pmSourceFitPCM.c [code]
pmSourceFitSet.c [code]
pmSourceFitSet.h [code]
pmSourceGroups.c [code]
pmSourceGroups.h [code]
pmSourceIO.c [code]
pmSourceIO.h [code]
pmSourceIO_CFF.c [code] [code]
pmSourceIO_CMP.c [code]
pmSourceIO_MatchedRefs.c [code]
pmSourceIO_OBJ.c [code]
pmSourceIO_PS1_CAL_0.c [code]
pmSourceIO_PS1_DEV_0.c [code]
pmSourceIO_PS1_DEV_1.c [code]
pmSourceIO_RAW.c [code]
pmSourceIO_SMPDATA.c [code]
pmSourceIO_SX.c [code]
pmSourceLensing.c [code]Functions to measure the local sky and sky variance for sources on images
pmSourceLensing.h [code]
pmSourceMasks.c [code]
pmSourceMasks.h [code]
pmSourceMatch.c [code]
pmSourceMatch.h [code]
pmSourceMoments.c [code]
pmSourceOutputs.c [code]
pmSourceOutputs.h [code]
pmSourcePhotometry.c [code]
pmSourcePhotometry.h [code]
pmSourcePlotApResid.c [code]
pmSourcePlotMoments.c [code]
pmSourcePlotPSFModel.c [code]
pmSourcePlots.c [code]
pmSourcePlots.h [code]
pmSourceSatstar.c [code]Functions to manage saturated star profiles
pmSourceSatstar.h [code]
pmSourceSky.c [code]Functions to measure the local sky and sky variance for sources on images
pmSourceSky.h [code]
pmSourceUtils.c [code]
pmSourceUtils.h [code]
pmSourceVisual.c [code]
pmSourceVisual.h [code]
pmSpan.c [code]
pmSpan.h [code]
pmStack.c [code]This file will perform image combination of several images of the same field, produce a list of questionable pixels, then tag some of those pixels as cosmic rays
pmStack.h [code]
pmStackReject.c [code]
pmStackReject.h [code]
pmStackVisual.c [code]
pmStackVisual.h [code]
pmSubtraction.c [code]
pmSubtraction.h [code]
pmSubtractionAnalysis.c [code]
pmSubtractionAnalysis.h [code]
pmSubtractionDeconvolve.c [code]
pmSubtractionDeconvolve.h [code]
pmSubtractionEquation.c [code]
pmSubtractionEquation.h [code]
pmSubtractionEquation.v0.c [code]
pmSubtractionHermitian.c [code]
pmSubtractionHermitian.h [code]
pmSubtractionIO.c [code]
pmSubtractionIO.h [code]
pmSubtractionKernels.c [code]
pmSubtractionKernels.h [code]
pmSubtractionMask.c [code]
pmSubtractionMask.h [code]
pmSubtractionMatch.c [code]
pmSubtractionMatch.h [code]
pmSubtractionParams.c [code]
pmSubtractionParams.h [code]
pmSubtractionSimple.c [code]
pmSubtractionSimple.h [code]
pmSubtractionStamps.c [code]
pmSubtractionStamps.h [code]
pmSubtractionThreads.c [code]
pmSubtractionThreads.h [code]
pmSubtractionTypes.h [code]
pmSubtractionVisual.c [code]
pmSubtractionVisual.h [code]
pmThreadTools.c [code]
pmThreadTools.h [code]
pmTrend2D.c [code]
pmTrend2D.h [code]
pmVersion.c [code]
pmVersion.h [code] [code]
pmVisual.c [code]
pmVisual.h [code]
pmVisualUtils.c [code]
pmVisualUtils.h [code]
ppArith.c [code]
ppArith.h [code]
ppArithArguments.c [code]
ppArithLoop.c [code]
ppArithReadout.c [code]
ppArithVersion.c [code] [code]
ppConfigDump.c [code]
ppFocus.c [code]
ppFocusArguments.c [code]
ppFocusFitFWHM.c [code]
ppFocusGetFWHM.c [code]
ppFocusParseCamera.c [code]
ppImage.c [code]
ppImage.h [code]
ppImageAddNoise.c [code]
ppImageAddstar.c [code]
ppImageArguments.c [code]
ppImageAstrom.c [code]
ppImageAuxiliaryMask.c [code]
ppImageBurntoolApply.c [code]
ppImageBurntoolMask.c [code]
ppImageCheckCTE.c [code]
ppImageCheckCTE.v1.c [code]
ppImageCheckNoise.c [code]
ppImageCleanup.c [code]
ppImageCorrectCrosstalk.c [code]
ppImageDefineFile.c [code]
ppImageDetrendFree.c [code]
ppImageDetrendFringe.c [code]
ppImageDetrendNonLinear.c [code]
ppImageDetrendPattern.c [code]
ppImageDetrendReadout.c [code]
ppImageDetrendRecord.c [code] [code] [code]
ppImageFileCheck.c [code]
ppImageLoop.c [code]
ppImageMaskStats.c [code]
ppImageMeasureCrosstalk.c [code]
ppImageMemory.c [code]
ppImageMetadataStats.c [code]
ppImageMosaic.c [code]
ppImageMosaicBackground.c [code]
ppImageOptions.c [code]
ppImageParityFlip.c [code]
ppImageParseCamera.c [code]
ppImagePhotom.c [code]
ppImagePixelStats.c [code]
ppImageRandomGaussian.c [code]
ppImageRebinReadout.c [code]
ppImageReplaceBackground.c [code]
ppImageSetMaskBits.c [code]
ppImageSetThreads.c [code]
ppImageSquashNANs.c [code]
ppImageStatsOutput.c [code]
ppImageVersion.c [code] [code]
ppMerge.c [code]
ppMerge.h [code]
ppMergeArguments.c [code]
ppMergeCamera.c [code] [code] [code]
ppMergeFileGroup.c [code]
ppMergeFiles.c [code]
ppMergeLoop.c [code]
ppMergeMask.c [code]
ppMergeReadChunk.c [code]
ppMergeScaleZero.c [code]
ppMergeScaleZero.h [code]
ppMergeSetThreads.c [code]
ppMergeThreadLauncher.c [code]
ppMergeVersion.c [code]
ppMergeVersion.h [code] [code]
ppStack.c [code]
ppStack.h [code]
ppStackArguments.c [code]
ppStackCamera.c [code]
ppStackCleanup.c [code]
ppStackCombineAlternate.c [code]
ppStackCombineFinal.c [code]
ppStackCombineInitial.c [code]
ppStackCombinePrepare.c [code]
ppStackConvolve.c [code] [code] [code]
ppStackFiles.c [code]
ppStackFinish.c [code]
ppStackJPEGs.c [code]
ppStackLoop.c [code]
ppStackLoop.h [code]
ppStackMatch.c [code]
ppStackMedian.c [code]
ppStackMedianLoop.c [code]
ppStackOptions.c [code]
ppStackOptions.h [code]
ppStackPhotometry.c [code]
ppStackPrepare.c [code]
ppStackPSF.c [code]
ppStackReadout.c [code]
ppStackReject.c [code]
ppStackSetup.c [code]
ppStackSources.c [code]
ppStackStats.c [code]
ppStackTarget.c [code]
ppStackThread.c [code]
ppStackThread.h [code]
ppStackUpdateHeader.c [code]
ppStackVersion.c [code] [code]
ppSub.c [code]
ppSub.h [code]
ppSubArguments.c [code]
ppSubBackground.c [code]
ppSubCamera.c [code]
ppSubConvolve.c [code]
ppSubData.c [code]
ppSubDefineOutput.c [code] [code] [code]
ppSubExit.c [code]
ppSubExtras.c [code]
ppSubFiles.c [code]
ppSubFlagNeighbors.c [code]
ppSubInputDetections.c [code]
ppSubKernel.c [code]
ppSubLoop.c [code]
ppSubMakePSF.c [code]
ppSubMaskStats.c [code]
ppSubMatchPSFs.c [code]
ppSubReadoutForcedPhot.c [code]
ppSubReadoutInverse.c [code]
ppSubReadoutJpeg.c [code]
ppSubReadoutPhotometry.c [code]
ppSubReadoutStats.c [code]
ppSubReadoutSubtract.c [code]
ppSubSetMasks.c [code]
ppSubThreshold.c [code]Mask pixels below threshold
ppSubVarianceRescale.c [code]Measure the background signal/noise distribution and rescale the variance if needed
ppSubVersion.c [code] [code]
ppTest.c [code]
ps1v1.fwhm.h [code]
psAbort.c [code]Contains the definition for abort function
psAbort.h [code]Contains the declarations for the abort function
psArguments.c [code]
psArguments.h [code]Contains operations for parsing command line input arguments
psArray.c [code]Contains support for basic vector types
psArray.h [code]Contains basic array definitions and operations
psAssert.h [code]
psastro.c [code]
psastro.h [code]This file defines the library functions available to external programs
psastroAnalysis.c [code]
psastroArguments.c [code]
psastroAstromGuess.c [code]
psastroChipAstrom.c [code]
psastroChooseGlintStars.c [code]: Select stars by magnitude which are likely glint sources
psastroChooseRefstars.c [code]
psastroCleanup.c [code]
psastroConvert.c [code]
psastroDataLoad.c [code]
psastroDataSave.c [code]
psastroDefineFiles.c [code]
psastroDemoDump.c [code]
psastroDemoPlot.c [code] [code] [code]
psastroExtract.c [code]
psastroExtractAnalysis.c [code]
psastroExtractArguments.c [code]
psastroExtractDataLoad.c [code]
psastroExtractDataSave.c [code]
psastroExtractGhosts.c [code]Calculate ghost FPA and Chip positions for the stars loaded on the FPA
psastroExtractParseCamera.c [code]
psastroExtractStar.c [code]
psastroExtractStars.c [code]
psastroFindChip.c [code]Calculate chip position for the given FPA coords
psastroFixChips.c [code]
psastroFixChipsTest.c [code]
psastroGalaxyShapeErrors.c [code]
psastroGhostUtils.c [code]Ghost support functions
psastroInternal.h [code]
psastroLoadCrosstalk.c [code]
psastroLoadGhosts.c [code]Calculate ghost FPA and Chip positions for the stars loaded on the FPA based on the model
psastroLoadGlints.c [code]Calculate glint FPA and Chip positions for the stars loaded on the FPA
psastroLoadRefstars.c [code]
psastroLuminosityFunction.c [code]
psastroLuminosityFunctionPlot.c [code]
psastroMaskMisc.c [code]
psastroMaskStats.c [code]
psastroMaskUpdates.c [code]
psastroMaskUpdates.Mosaic.c [code]
psastroMaskUtils.c [code]
psastroMetadataStats.c [code]
psastroModel.c [code]
psastroModelAdjust.c [code]
psastroModelAnalysis.c [code]
psastroModelArguments.c [code]
psastroModelBoresite.c [code]
psastroModelDataLoad.c [code]
psastroModelDataSave.c [code]
psastroModelFit.c [code]
psastroModelFitBoresite.c [code]
psastroModelParseCamera.c [code]
psastroMosaicAstrom.c [code]
psastroMosaicChipAstrom.c [code]
psastroMosaicCorrectDistortion.c [code]
psastroMosaicDistortion.c [code]
psastroMosaicFPtoTP.c [code]
psastroMosaicGetGrads.c [code]
psastroMosaicGradients.c [code]
psastroMosaicHeaders.c [code]
psastroMosaicOneChip.c [code]
psastroMosaicSetAstrom.c [code]
psastroMosaicSetMatch.c [code]
psastroOneChipFit.c [code]
psastroOneChipGrid.c [code]
psastroParseCamera.c [code]
psastroRefstarSubset.c [code]
psastroRemoveClumps.c [code]
psastroStandAlone.h [code]
psastroTestFuncs.c [code]
psastroUseModel.c [code]
psastroUtils.c [code]
psastroVersion.c [code]Copyright 2009 Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii [code]
psastroZeroPoint.c [code]
psBinaryOp.c [code]Provides binary functions for simple matrix and vector element operations
psBinaryOp.h [code]
psBinomialCoeff.c [code]Calculate binomial coefficient
psBinomialCoeff.h [code]
psBits.c [code]Creates an array of bytes of arbitrary length for storing individual bits
psBits.h [code]Creates an array of bytes of arbitrary length for storing individual bits
psClip.c [code]
psClip.h [code]
psCompare.c [code]Comparison functions for sorting routines
psCompare.h [code]
psConfigure.c [code]Contains the declarations for initialization, memory finalization, and configuration
psConfigure.h [code]Functions to init and cleanup psLib
psConstants.h [code]
psCoord.c [code]Contains basic coordinate transformation definitions and operations
psCoord.h [code]Basic coordinate transformations
psDB.c [code]Copyright (C) 2005-2007 Joshua Hoblitt, University of Hawaii Copyright (C) 2005 Aaron Culliney
psDB.h [code]Copyright (C) 2007 Joshua Hoblitt, University of Hawaii
psEarthOrientation.c [code]Function implementations for earth orientation calculations
psEarthOrientation.h [code]Earth orientation calculations and transformation
psEllipse.c [code]
psEllipse.h [code]
psError.c [code]Contains the definitions for the error reporting functions
psError.h [code]Error reporting functions [code] [code]
psExit.h [code]
psFFT.c [code]
psFFT.h [code]
psFits.c [code]Contains Fits I/O routines
psFits.h [code]
psFitsFloat.c [code]
psFitsFloat.h [code]
psFitsFloatFile.c [code]
psFitsFloatFile.h [code]
psFitsHeader.c [code]Contains Fits header I/O routines
psFitsHeader.h [code]
psFitsImage.c [code]Contains Fits I/O routines
psFitsImage.h [code]
psFitsScale.c [code]
psFitsScale.h [code]
psFitsTable.c [code]Contains Fits I/O routines
psFitsTable.h [code]
psFitsTableNew.c [code]Contains Memory efficient functions for accessing Fits tables
psFitsTableNew.h [code]
psHash.c [code]Contains support for basic hashing functions
psHash.h [code]Contains support for basic hashing functions
psHistogram.c [code]
psHistogram.h [code]Basic histogram functions
psImage.c [code]Contains basic image definitions and operations
psImage.h [code]
psImageBackground.c [code]
psImageBackground.h [code]
psImageBinning.c [code]Functions to define the binning strategy and to perform image binning / unbinning (resampling)
psImageBinning.h [code]
psImageConvolve.c [code]Contains FFT transform related functions for psImage
psImageConvolve.h [code]
psImageConvolve2dCache.c [code]-- specialized 2D convolution for psf matching
psImageCovariance.c [code]
psImageCovariance.h [code]
psImageFFT.c [code]Contains FFT transform related functions for psImage
psImageFFT.h [code]Contains FFT transform related functions for psImage
psImageGeomManip.c [code]Contains basic image pixel and geometry manipulation operations, as specified in the PSLIB SDRS sections "Image Pixel Manipulations" and "Image Geometry Manipulations"
psImageGeomManip.h [code]
psImageInterpolate.c [code]Contains functions for interpolating an image
psImageInterpolate.h [code]
psImageJpeg.c [code]
psImageJpeg.h [code]
psImageMap.c [code]Functions define a 2d coarse representation of a finer 2D field
psImageMap.h [code]
psImageMapFit.c [code]Functions define a 2d coarse representation of a finer 2D field
psImageMapFit.h [code]
psImageMaskOps.c [code]Contains basic image pixel and geometry manipulation operations, as specified in the PSLIB SDRS sections "Mask Operations"
psImageMaskOps.h [code]
psImagePixelExtract.c [code]Contains basic image extraction operations, as specified in the PSLIB SDRS sections "Image Pixel Extractions"
psImagePixelExtract.h [code]
psImagePixelInterpolate.c [code]Functions for interpolating bad pixels in images
psImagePixelInterpolate.h [code]
psImagePixelManip.c [code]Contains basic image pixel and geometry manipulation operations, as specified in the PSLIB SDRS sections "Image Pixel Manipulations" and "Image Geometry Manipulations"
psImagePixelManip.h [code]
psImageStats.c [code]Routines for calculating statistics on images
psImageStats.h [code]
psImageStructManip.c [code]Contains basic image structure manipulations, as specified in the PSLIB SDRS sections "Image Structure Manipulation"
psImageStructManip.h [code]Basic image structure manipulation operations
psImageUnbin.c [code]Functions to perform unbinning (resampling) of images
psImageUnbin.h [code]Functions to determine the image background
psIOBuffer.c [code]
psIOBuffer.h [code]
pslib.h [code]Contains the complete list of header files for pslib
pslib_strict.h [code]Contains the complete list of header files for pslib while poisoning the use of standard memory allocation routines
psLine.c [code]
psLine.h [code]Charater-string fixed-length line functions
psList.c [code]Support for doubly linked lists
psList.h [code]Support for doubly linked lists
psLogMsg.c [code]Procedures for logging messages
psLogMsg.h [code]Procedures for logging messages
psLookupTable.c [code]This file defines the structure and functions for table lookups
psLookupTable.h [code]This file defines the structure and functions for table lookups
psmakecff.c [code]
psMathUtils.c [code]This file contains standard math routines
psMathUtils.h [code]
psMatrix.c [code]Provides functions for linear algebra operations on psImages and psVectors
psMatrix.h [code]
psMD5.c [code]
psMD5.h [code]
psMemory.c [code]Contains the definitions for the memory management system
psMemory.h [code]
psMetadata.c [code]Contains metadata structures, enumerations and functions prototypes
psMetadata.h [code]Contains metadata struuctures, enumerations and functions prototypes
psMetadataConfig.c [code]Contains metadata input/output functions
psMetadataConfig.h [code]Contains metadata input/output functions
psMetadataHeader.c [code]
psMetadataHeader.h [code]
psMetadataItemCompare.c [code]
psMetadataItemCompare.h [code]Compares Metadata Items
psMetadataItemParse.c [code]
psMetadataItemParse.h [code]Parse metadata items
psMinimizeLMM.c [code]
psMinimizeLMM.h [code]
psMinimizeLMM_ND.c [code]Levenberg-Marqardt minimization of N-D functions of N-D variables
psMinimizeLMM_ND.h [code]
psMinimizePolyFit.c [code]
psMinimizePolyFit.h [code]
psMinimizePowell.c [code]
psMinimizePowell.h [code]
psMixtureModels.c [code]Mixture Modeling/Clustering tools
psMixtureModels.h [code]
psmodules.h [code]
psMutex.h [code]
psphot.c [code]
psphot.h [code]
psphotAddNoise.c [code]
psphotAnnuli.c [code]
psphotApResid.c [code]
psphotArguments.c [code]
psphotBasicDeblend.c [code]
psphotBlendFit.c [code]
psphotCheckStarDistribution.c [code]
psphotChipParams.c [code]
psphotChooseAnalysisOptions.c [code]
psphotChoosePSF.c [code]
psphotCleanup.c [code]
psphotCullPeaks.c [code]
psphotDeblendSatstars.c [code]
psphotDefineFiles.c [code]
psphotDiagnosticPlots.c [code]
psphotEfficiency.c [code]
psphotEllipticalContour.c [code]
psphotEllipticalProfile.c [code] [code] [code]
psphotEvalFLT.c [code]
psphotEvalPSF.c [code]
psphotExtendedSourceAnalysis.c [code]
psphotExtendedSourceAnalysisByObject.c [code]
psphotExtendedSourceFits.c [code]
psphotFake.c [code]
psphotFakeSources.c [code]
psphotFindDetections.c [code]
psphotFindFootprints.c [code]
psphotFindPeaks.c [code]
psphotFitSet.c [code]
psphotFitSourcesLinear.c [code]
psphotFitSourcesLinearStack.c [code]
psphotFootprintSaddles.c [code]
psphotForced.c [code]
psphotForcedArguments.c [code]
psphotForcedImageLoop.c [code]
psphotForcedReadout.c [code]
psphotFullForce.c [code]
psphotFullForce.SourceStats.c [code]
psphotFullForceArguments.c [code]
psphotFullForceImageLoop.c [code]
psphotFullForceReadout.c [code]
psphotFullForceSummary.c [code]
psphotFullForceSummaryReadout.c [code]
psphotGalaxyParams.c [code]
psphotGalaxyShape.c [code]
psphotGuessModels.c [code]
psphotImageLoop.c [code]
psphotImageQuality.c [code]
psphotInternal.h [code]
psphotIsophotal.c [code]
psphotKernelFromPSF.c [code]
psphotKron.c [code]
psphotKronFlux.c [code]
psphotKronIterate.c [code]
psphotKronMasked.c [code]
psphotLensing.c [code]
psphotLoadPSF.c [code]
psphotLoadSRCTEXT.c [code]
psphotMagnitudes.c [code]
psphotMakeFluxScale.c [code]
psphotMakeGrowthCurve.c [code]
psphotMakePSF.c [code]
psphotMakePSFArguments.c [code]
psphotMakePSFImageLoop.c [code]
psphotMakePSFReadout.c [code]
psphotMakeResiduals.c [code]
psphotMaskBackground.c [code]
psphotMaskReadout.c [code]
psphotMergeSources.c [code]
psphotMinimal.c [code]
psphotMinimalArguments.c [code]
psphotModelBackground.c [code]
psphotModelGroupInit.c [code]
psphotModelTest.c [code]
psphotModelTestArguments.c [code]
psphotModelTestReadout.c [code]
psphotModelWithPSF.c [code]
psphotMomentsStudy.c [code]
psphotMosaicChip.c [code]
psphotMosaicSubimage.c [code]
psphotOldCode.c [code]
psphotOutput.c [code]
psphotParseCamera.c [code]
psphotPetroFlux.c [code]
psphotPetrosian.c [code]
psphotPetrosianAnalysis.c [code]
psphotPetrosianProfile.c [code]
psphotPetrosianRadialBins.c [code]
psphotPetrosianStats.c [code]
psphotPetrosianStudy.c [code]
psphotPetrosianVisual.c [code]
psphotPSFConvModel.c [code]
psphotRadialApertures.c [code]
psphotRadialAperturesByObject.c [code]
psphotRadialBins.c [code]
psphotRadialPlot.c [code]
psphotRadialProfile.c [code]
psphotRadialProfileByAngles.c [code]
psphotRadialProfileWings.c [code]
psphotRadiiFromProfiles.c [code]
psphotRadiusChecks.c [code]
psphotReadout.c [code]
psphotReadoutCleanup.c [code]
psphotReadoutFindPSF.c [code]
psphotReadoutForcedKnownSources.c [code]
psphotReadoutKnownSources.c [code]
psphotReadoutMinimal.c [code]
psphotReplaceUnfit.c [code]
psphotRoughClass.c [code]
psphotSavePSFStars.c [code]
psphotSersicGuess.00.00.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.00.01.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.00.02.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.00.03.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.01.00.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.01.01.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.01.02.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.01.03.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.02.00.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.02.01.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.02.02.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.02.03.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.03.00.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.03.01.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.03.02.h [code]
psphotSersicGuess.03.03.h [code]
psphotSersicModelClass.c [code]
psphotSetMaskBits.c [code]
psphotSetNFrames.c [code]
psphotSetThreads.c [code]
psphotSignificanceImage.c [code]
psphotSkyReplace.c [code]
psphotSortBySN.c [code]
psphotSourceFits.c [code]
psphotSourceFreePixels.c [code]
psphotSourceMatch.c [code]
psphotSourceMemory.c [code]
psphotSourcePlots.c [code]
psphotSourceSize.c [code]
psphotSourceStats.c [code]
psphotStack.c [code]
psphotStackAllocateOutput.c [code]
psphotStackArguments.c [code]
psphotStackChisqImage.c [code]
psphotStackImageLoop.c [code]
psphotStackMatchPSFs.c [code]
psphotStackMatchPSFsNext.c [code]
psphotStackMatchPSFsPrepare.c [code]
psphotStackMatchPSFsUtils.c [code]
psphotStackObjects.c [code]
psphotStackOptions.c [code]
psphotStackParseCamera.c [code]
psphotStackPSF.c [code]
psphotStackReadout.c [code]
psphotStackUpdateReadout.c [code]
psphotStandAlone.h [code]
psphotStatsFile.c [code]Functions for managing the stats file (or return NULL, or exit with an error)
psphotStatsFile.h [code]
psphotSubtractBackground.c [code]
psphotSummaryPlots.c [code]
psphotTest.c [code]
psphotTestArguments.c [code]
psphotTestPSF.c [code]
psphotTestSourceOutput.c [code]
psphotThreadTools.c [code]
psphotVersion.c [code] [code]
psphotVisual.c [code]
psPipe.c [code]
psPipe.h [code]
psPixels.c [code]Contains psPixel related functions
psPixels.h [code]Contains psPixel related functions
psPolynomial.c [code]Contains basic function allocation, deallocation, and evaluation routines
psPolynomial.h [code]
psPolynomialMD.c [code]
psPolynomialMD.h [code]
psPolynomialMetadata.c [code]
psPolynomialMetadata.h [code]
psPolynomialUtils.c [code]
psPolynomialUtils.h [code]
psRandom.c [code]Random Number Generators

This file will hold the functions which allocate, free, and evaluate random number Generators

psRandom.h [code]
psRegion.c [code]
psRegion.h [code]
psRegionForImage.c [code]
psRegionForImage.h [code]
psScalar.c [code]Contains basic scalar definitions and operations
psScalar.h [code]
psSlurp.c [code]Contains functions for slurping files
psSlurp.h [code]
psSort.h [code]
psSparse.c [code]
psSparse.h [code]
psSphereOps.c [code]Contains spherical rotation and offset operations
psSphereOps.h [code]Contains spherical rotation and offset operations
psSpline.c [code]Contains basic spline allocation, deallocation, fitting, and evaluation routines
psSpline.h [code]
psStats.c [code]Basic statistical operations

This file will hold the definitions of the histogram and stats data structures

psStats.h [code]
psString.c [code]-*- mode: C; c-basic-indent: 4; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*- vim: set cindent ts=8 sw=4 expandtab:
psString.h [code]
psThread.c [code]
psThread.h [code]Tools to manage a pool of threads
psTime.c [code]Definitions for time, time utilities, and conversion functions for use with psLib astronomy functions
psTime.h [code]Definitions for time, time utilities, and conversion functions for use with psLib astronomy functions
psTrace.c [code]Basic run-time trace facilities

This file will hold the code for procedures to insert trace messages into the code

psTrace.h [code]Basic run-time trace facilities
psTree.c [code]
psTree.h [code]
psType.c [code]Contains psType checking functions
psType.h [code]Contains support for basic types
psUnaryOp.c [code]
psUnaryOp.h [code]
psVector.c [code]Contains support for basic vector types
psVector.h [code]
psVectorBracket.c [code]Vector Bracketing tools
psVectorBracket.h [code]
psVectorFFT.c [code]Contains FFT transform related functions for psVector
psVectorFFT.h [code]Contains FFT transform related functions for psVector
psVectorSmooth.c [code]
psVectorSmooth.h [code] [code]
pswarp.c [code]Cleanup the open files & memory then exit
pswarp.h [code]
pswarpArguments.c [code]
pswarpCleanup.c [code]
pswarpDefine.c [code]Generates the output images
pswarpDefineBackground.c [code]Generates the output background model
pswarpDefineLayout.c [code]Load input & output astrometry, determine overlaps
pswarpDefineSkycell.c [code] [code] [code]
pswarpExitCode.c [code]
pswarpFileNames.h [code]
pswarpFiles.c [code]
pswarpHeadersLoad.c [code]
pswarpLoadAstrometry.c [code]Load the headers and construct astrometric transformations
pswarpLoop.c [code]Main processing loop for pswarp
pswarpLoopBackground.c [code]Background model processing loop for pswarp
pswarpLoopSkycell.c [code]
pswarpMakePSF.c [code]
pswarpMapGrid.c [code]
pswarpMaskStats.c [code]
pswarpMatchRange.c [code]
pswarpOptions.c [code]
pswarpOverlaps.c [code]
pswarpParseCamera.c [code]
pswarpPixelsLit.c [code]
pswarpSetMaskBits.c [code]
pswarpSetThreads.c [code]
pswarpStatsFile.c [code]Functions for managing the stats file (or return NULL, or exit with an error)
pswarpThreads.c [code]
pswarpTransformReadout.c [code]
pswarpTransformSources.c [code]
pswarpTransformTile.c [code]
pswarpUpdateMetadata.c [code]Update generic metadata info for warp
pswarpUpdateStatistics.c [code]Generate output statistics
pswarpVersion.c [code] [code]
psXML.c [code]Contains basic XML definitions and operations
psXML.h [code]
qgauss.fwhm.h [code]
soapC.c [code]
soapClient.c [code]
soapClientLib.c [code]
soapH.h [code]
soapServer.c [code]
soapServerLib.c [code]
soapStub.h [code]
stdsoap2.c [code]
stdsoap2.h [code]
strcasestr.c [code]
xmalloc.c [code]
xmalloc.h [code]

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